domingo, 12 de xuño de 2016


Hello guys,
  Ready to learn something about animation?
Watch this video carefully. 
How many cut-outs are there?
  Imagine, each cut-out is a photo. Then you put all the photos together. You need 24 pictures per second. That makes 144 different pictures to have a one minute movie!!!
Public Domain,
Would you like a try?
Public Domain,
The red ball bouncing, moves at a speed of 12 photograms per second!!!
  Now, watch it in slow motion. 

The film maker drew 6 times the ball, in a bouncing sequence. He took different photos (each picture is a photo) and put them together.
You can try doing it in a tiny notebook or  post-it. You need at least 12 pages.Draw an object, for example a sailing boat, or a car or a bird flying. Make 12 pictures,each one in a different pages. Then, pass the pages as fast as you can, and... WHAT HAPPENS???

Public Domain,

bouncing sequence

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